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Awan marketing was established in 1976 and its first Cash & Carry was opened in 1981 the on Great Hampton Street, Hockley. Awan has very quickly established it's place among the largest importers, Exporters & Distributors & wholesalers in the UK. Carrying over 30,000 lines, servicing a customer base of over 14,000 throughout the UK, Europe, Africa and Asia from its central warehouse in Birmingham. Our product range such as DIY and Hardware, Hand tools, Power tools, Garden & Outdoor tools and accessories, Electrical, Electronic goods, Houseware, Household goods, Seasonal goods, Glassware, Giftware, Cosmetics, Stationery, Toys, Fancy goods, Watches, Kitchenware, Toiletries, Smoking Accessories, Plasticware, Electrical, Car Accessories. The purpose built 35,000 sq ft modern warehouse and wholesale centre is now supplying the wholesalers, exporters, traders, market traders, shopkeepers, retailers, online sellers, bulk buyers and general trade in the UK.
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While many businesses may be making a move away from promoting smoking, it’s undeniable that smoking products are still an excellent source of income for many small businesses with a large percentage of the population. Read More


Awan Marketing has an unbeatable selection of quality general tools and garden accessories for low wholesale prices. We supply good quality and cheap equipment for gardeners, farmers, and greenhouse owners. Read More


All the batteries detailed below are high quality, long lasting alkaline AA batteries bulk packed in a variety of different pack sizes. We sell all sizes in wholesale batteries and high quality and affordable battery charger. Read More


We source the highest quality products for all of your DIY needs. Our range consists of the latest adhesives, lubricants, tapes, coatings and decorating tools. If you need wholesale home maintenance items then have a look at our huge range. Read More

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